Thursday, March 14, 2013

peace loving man

blossom toes- peace loving man

this shit fucking rules. i heard this on the radio show the other night. i like that show tower of song its on tuesdays 8p-10p. i usually listen to that shit and scratch me some lotto on Tuesdays after work. its usually this chick Stephanie hosting, but it was this other chick Yoon subbing. Yoon hosts another show that I love to listen to, Jet Lag  which comes on Sundays 8p-10p, but which is sadly, on myspace still so I never see the setlist. anyway I had to call and ask her what the fuck THIS shit was. Love it. Here is some pictures of them, which lead me to an upcoming topic: my rating system. Stay tuned for more on that, but for now consider the terms "flower power" and "heavy".

Also she played THIS by the scorpions  and i was like "WHOA! this is fucking, the scorpions, as in, rock u like a hurricane the scorpions???!!" and it fucking IS.

and here they go, circa 1975: