Friday, December 20, 2013

My internal radio is a bitch troll

I'm jealous of iwishuwould and the way her brain is always set to "Rock On, Party Girl!  Whoooo!"  I've been keeping a little draft post going here for a while to jot down the numerous and frequent times I have some fucking God-awful song stuck in my head, and yesterday, I got the mother of all horrific earworms and decided it's time to come clean.  Y'all ready for this?

Yeah that's right.  I know it says "John Lennon & Yoko Ono," but trust me, this is like 97% Yoko.  I swear I felt like bashing my skull in.  And apparently John Lennon was a complete douchebag anyway, so FTdubs...

Anyhoo, here are some other gems my stupid brain has subjected me to over the past month or so.  They might collectively be labeled The Worst Songs Ever That Are Kind of Catchy.

Willin' by Little Feat

Oh Sherrie by Journey

Although Kevs told me that there's some little Asian dude he works with that sometimes breaks out into Oh Sherrie and I would actually like to see that.

Here's one that's a little different...  It's actually a good song for what it is, but it's just representative of the fact that I have kids' songs on the brain at least half the time. 
Fibber Island by They Might Be Giants

Angel in the Centerfold by the J. Geils Band

That rap-ish song about the combination pizza hut and taco bell
(I looked it up on youtube and the description says, "A shit song.  I hate it."  LOL)


I mean, it was high time someone wrote a song about the combination pizza hut and taco bell, frankly, but this one is just terrible.

I've Got Friends in Low Places by some hick

You Can't Hide Your Lyin Eyes by the shittiest band ever

Have I ever mentioned how much I fucking hate butt rock?  And how I have duly crowned the goddam Boss the grandfather of all butt rock?  Yes, but when I have a migraine, I always get this piece of shit stuck in my head because of that one MFing line "It's like someone took a knife baby edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley through the middle of my skull" because he uses a completely wrong word emphasis on the last two words of that phrase.  And ostensibly because when my brain is in agony, it seeks anything it can find in my files to make it much, much worse.

And last but certainly not least, let's get into some BTO.  This is, I think, the worst song that has ever been written, but it's sooooooo freaking bad that it actually makes me giggle now.  I do a mean impression of the lead singer, whose name I will not look up.

Seriously, you need to listen to that last one.  The lyrics are so, so bad.  I mean, look at them for crying out loud!  I can't believe people have actually paid money to go to their shows over the years.  Christ in a cradle.

Speaking of...  Happy Holidays Y'all!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

AUSTIN FUCKING PSYCH FESTIVAL!!!! /// uncle acid and the deadbeats

Ok so this isnt a review of the APF but rather a IMSOFUCKINGPUMPED i got tickets to AUSTINFUCKINGPSYCHFEST 2014 post!!! cant wait to go scope out austin too, get my southwestern looks up...

heres the lineup:

so far im really really really stoked about dead meadow, earthless, and boogarins...

 but im also feeling stoked for the bands i dont even know about yet!!! kadavar looks promising, as does acid mothers temple...

and i already know woods and tobacco are good news.
 i just wish theyd add dungen and fuzz and my 2014 lineup would be complete.
and maybe also hellshovel and radio moscow.....


oh yeah- i also wish they would add this band uncle acid and the deadbeats. i just found out about them by cruising the comments on the APF facebook and some contest i entered for tickets too.

several people mentioned (in the comments on an APF post where they asked who you wanna see at the 2014 festival) they wish theyd bring them to austin this spring. then i think it popped up in a related search, or maybe i was cruisin that other blog, or maybe i  just googled it shit, i cant recall but they are now presently rocking my fucking face off. they are english and from the present era! so stoked that this is happening out there.

now i feel the panic, that i have all these bands to discover, but at least its not until May so i have plenty of time to assuage the panic. who else should be present for the The World's Perfect Lineup??