Friday, December 20, 2013

My internal radio is a bitch troll

I'm jealous of iwishuwould and the way her brain is always set to "Rock On, Party Girl!  Whoooo!"  I've been keeping a little draft post going here for a while to jot down the numerous and frequent times I have some fucking God-awful song stuck in my head, and yesterday, I got the mother of all horrific earworms and decided it's time to come clean.  Y'all ready for this?

Yeah that's right.  I know it says "John Lennon & Yoko Ono," but trust me, this is like 97% Yoko.  I swear I felt like bashing my skull in.  And apparently John Lennon was a complete douchebag anyway, so FTdubs...

Anyhoo, here are some other gems my stupid brain has subjected me to over the past month or so.  They might collectively be labeled The Worst Songs Ever That Are Kind of Catchy.

Willin' by Little Feat

Oh Sherrie by Journey

Although Kevs told me that there's some little Asian dude he works with that sometimes breaks out into Oh Sherrie and I would actually like to see that.

Here's one that's a little different...  It's actually a good song for what it is, but it's just representative of the fact that I have kids' songs on the brain at least half the time. 
Fibber Island by They Might Be Giants

Angel in the Centerfold by the J. Geils Band

That rap-ish song about the combination pizza hut and taco bell
(I looked it up on youtube and the description says, "A shit song.  I hate it."  LOL)


I mean, it was high time someone wrote a song about the combination pizza hut and taco bell, frankly, but this one is just terrible.

I've Got Friends in Low Places by some hick

You Can't Hide Your Lyin Eyes by the shittiest band ever

Have I ever mentioned how much I fucking hate butt rock?  And how I have duly crowned the goddam Boss the grandfather of all butt rock?  Yes, but when I have a migraine, I always get this piece of shit stuck in my head because of that one MFing line "It's like someone took a knife baby edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley through the middle of my skull" because he uses a completely wrong word emphasis on the last two words of that phrase.  And ostensibly because when my brain is in agony, it seeks anything it can find in my files to make it much, much worse.

And last but certainly not least, let's get into some BTO.  This is, I think, the worst song that has ever been written, but it's sooooooo freaking bad that it actually makes me giggle now.  I do a mean impression of the lead singer, whose name I will not look up.

Seriously, you need to listen to that last one.  The lyrics are so, so bad.  I mean, look at them for crying out loud!  I can't believe people have actually paid money to go to their shows over the years.  Christ in a cradle.

Speaking of...  Happy Holidays Y'all!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

AUSTIN FUCKING PSYCH FESTIVAL!!!! /// uncle acid and the deadbeats

Ok so this isnt a review of the APF but rather a IMSOFUCKINGPUMPED i got tickets to AUSTINFUCKINGPSYCHFEST 2014 post!!! cant wait to go scope out austin too, get my southwestern looks up...

heres the lineup:

so far im really really really stoked about dead meadow, earthless, and boogarins...

 but im also feeling stoked for the bands i dont even know about yet!!! kadavar looks promising, as does acid mothers temple...

and i already know woods and tobacco are good news.
 i just wish theyd add dungen and fuzz and my 2014 lineup would be complete.
and maybe also hellshovel and radio moscow.....


oh yeah- i also wish they would add this band uncle acid and the deadbeats. i just found out about them by cruising the comments on the APF facebook and some contest i entered for tickets too.

several people mentioned (in the comments on an APF post where they asked who you wanna see at the 2014 festival) they wish theyd bring them to austin this spring. then i think it popped up in a related search, or maybe i was cruisin that other blog, or maybe i  just googled it shit, i cant recall but they are now presently rocking my fucking face off. they are english and from the present era! so stoked that this is happening out there.

now i feel the panic, that i have all these bands to discover, but at least its not until May so i have plenty of time to assuage the panic. who else should be present for the The World's Perfect Lineup??

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

weeknight hijinks: FUZZ/ ccr headcleaner/wymyns prysyn at the EARL

 iwishuwould: man so on a whim i found this shit out: fuckin FUZZ

as soon as i saw it was ty segall i was like sweet, ima check this shit the fuck out. and i think the show was happening at the Earl like THAT night. so i phoned up area.personality, and we got it together and went.

man that shit was AWESOME. im so stoked that we made it out on a goddamned weeknight! It was perfect, we were able to catch all three bands and find seats. The key to enjoying concerts when you are old and crippled.

[area.personality]: Just to be clear, I am the old one.

[iwishuwould]: But i was fucking crippled that night. even still i was boppin around in my fucking seat as much as i could without dying.  There were so many lawng haiyuhed men at this show, i was in a daze. Not just the guys in the bands either, YUM.

[area.personality]: Agreed. Love me some goddam lawng haiyed boys. "I get older, they stay the same age." Now I finally know what that quote from Matthew McConighey's character in Dazed and Confused means.

[iwishuwould]: The first band was wymyns prysyn, which is a local band that I have wanted to see for a while, only because they have a great name. I didn't feel too taken with them because it was too screamy for me, but thats not to say it would be too screamy for someone else.

The second band was ccr headcleaner, another great name for a band!! They started out promising enough but, again, I wasnt totally taken with them, They were def more soft n dreamy than wymyns prysyn, but it wasnt for me either. I think they are from Athens. I had watched a video of theirs before we went to the show, and it was promising, but not quite what i'm looking for.

Finally came FUZZ. That shit was dead on the fuckin money. Exactly what i was hoping to hear: groove, shred, fuzz, facemelt, drum roll. done and done. Plus they were the best looking- classic lawng haiyuh all in they faces!! They are totally raw around the edges, this was not like a technically tight performance or anything, in fact I found myself laughing at bits of the bass and drum solos when it kinda spilled all over the place, but it was FUN AS FUCK. my goddamn back has been broken for a few days since i went and overdid it this weekend rock climbing AND huckin it all far on the AT so i was planning to remain seated for the duration of this show, but i had no choice but to #riseup and get the fuck up and dance to this shit.

heres a great picture of them from the interweb that someone else took, but looks similar to what we witnessed up at the earl: 

i mentioned to area.personality during the show how much i loved that there was one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead in fuzz, and she goes, just like josie and the pussycats! and here goes what we witnessed up at the earl with a picture of the J&tPC for reference:

[area.personality]: After seeing them play and seeing all these pictures of them, I have to wonder if they file in like that because of Josie and the Pussycats, or if it's just a coincidence. Hmmm.

I found this iteration of Ty Segall more straightforward, hard rocking than his solo work, and everybody looks at me all wonky eyed when I say that, so maybe I'm wrong. But since usually the other person is wrong, I'm gonna stand by it. It was very raw, yet tight at the same time. I love it when a power trio can wear the big boy pants. A shredding guitarist plus a drummer and bassist who stare down at the floor in shame does not a power trio make, but these three are equal parts awesome. I love when the guitar and bass double up on their lines, and they used this technique generously. This is where a lot of the power comes from, that whole 'everything that rises must converge' thing. They utilized some non traditional time signatures in their tunes, which is something that generally commands my respect in rock, and more so if it's carried out to perfection, which this totally was.  The guitarist totally shredded, which is somewhere on my top three of basic satisfaction, but the bass and drum work was equally impressive. The fourth or fifth tune they played had alternating bass and drum fills at the end of almost every phrase, and they were just plain badass. To top it all off, Ty has not just a good voice, but a voice I like. This is just good stuff all the way around. Then I heard the studio version of one of their jams on the radio on Wednesday, and it reminded me to finish this blog. The studio version was not as raw, but was equally enjoyable because of the inherent pop that radio adds to everything.  Also, you have to remember that the sound system at the EARL is waiting to devour you, so almost anything you hear there is more epic that it would be in the studio. It's so killer to have a club nearby that makes real life better than the recording on a consistent basis.

iwishuwould: the show was rocking as fuck, but since the show ive been playing the album the living fuck out too. after hearing about twenty thousand times i started to finally think damn, ty segall is a great drummer- he does all the shit i like in my scooby doo music with the rolling drum rolls and shit. and i feel like i may, may,  actually dig this guitarist more than ty. this shit just shreds all over the place. i also dig the synced up bass and guitar- it is truly to a great effect, nice n heavy.  In some article i read they said something along the lines of "every scene needs its own jack white" which was a good analogy, but  i had thought "j mascis" cause of all those collabs, then also from facemelting guitar to drums just like in witch. although the actually drumming reminds me more of parchman farm ( in particular this song ) also the bass is kinda reminding me of sleep. maybe thats just me.  but im totally feeling the guitarist and am planning a pending internet stalk for him. 

their merch table featured this totally bitchin fuzzy fuzz album with gold foil and i totally wanted to buy it but i ended up not because of ca$h but its fine, i dont need it anyway*sniff*

well i cant wait for more from them, but ima shut up about em for now, but watch this at least before you go :-)

crush du jour: spooky tooth's mike harrison !

jam du jour: evil woman, by spooky toof

cruisin fer some spooky toof (among other things) at wuxtry the other day and i found this tucked among the stacks:

congratulations, mike harrison! you have earned the distinction of crush du jour!!

scope this sexy ass motherfucker:

i DIG that fuckin belt buckle!


nice haircuts, yall....

that fucking SNARL is killing me!!

ahem, so anyway, heres the other stuff i got at the record store:

i heard this one, in its entirety, on stonehenge the other night, its pretty epic

this one was pretty fucking good-and i must say, i wish men still looked like this 

and ive yet to listen to this one, but i heard a track on reeling in the years and was like boom! ill give it a try

The best of the lot thus far has been that spooky toof, they just so damn jammin! (to be revisited in a more intense, excrutiating way, at a later date, thanks mike harrison!)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

internal radio: OZZY mama i'm comin home

now this is a weird one: starting sunday morning i had ozzy's "mama i'm comin home" playing on internal radio. WTH i havent heard that song like since the early 90's. or even thought about it! i mean, of course i love ozzy, and am obsessed with him to a certain extent, but it was still random. i had to be to work early on sunday so i think it something to do with waking up like in the midst of REM sleep or something. its a great song by the way, and now that i have it on repeat in my head for the last two days I feel like learning it for karaoke, sweet!

isnt it great? dont you want to sing along??

man i actually have a serious obsession with ozzy.  basically, what had happened was, i was all into the "rap" and the "electronic beats" for many many years, then one day i woke up and i was in love this band dungen, and i came to realize that i had just turned my back on rock since my teens. so i got all frantic trying to figure out where was more of this bitchin rock music i was feelin so much. so i took to the internets and read reviews of dungen albums etc until i could find a trend in references. i was troubled because people kept likening them to early black sabbath. i was like WTF, isnt that for greasy, spotty, metal head types, living in the 80's still?

like so (god bless)

so i went against everything i thought i knew and took a chance on sabbath. oops, im a dumbass, because sabbath rocked my fucking face off. and ozzy was fucking fine back in the day. 

lets take a trip back down early sabbath lane to youngozzyland, shall we?

young ozzy was basically my perfect boyfriend. i mean i guess they were all technically "busted" as far as looks go, but then im kinda into that. that and a metric ton of hair. (and well crafted, facemelting jamz)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Raisin' Hell in Macon: The Allman Brothers Big House!

DUDE: all i wanted for my birthday this year was to go raise hell in macon and go to the allman brothers museum, aka the big house. a big thanks to area.personality for making it manifest!!!!

I gotta admit, I had always thought of the allman brothers as "mom music". This is because my mom, Nancy, was always listening to them when I was a kid. For this reason I always wrote them off as "mom music", as children tend to do. I now understand that my mom just has great taste in music, and that the allman brothers fucking rawk and should not be classified as "mom music".

I'm not sure what spawned the interest in them. Surely had to have been some song floating through my head ending up on internal radio, and begging to be revisited. I know for sure that when I was in Denver to see Ween several years ago, we visited Wax Trax records and I totally picked up a sweet copy of the Duane Allman Anthology, pictured here with several other selections from that haul:

That turned out to be a total fucking SCORE, and went on to be on heavy, HEAVY rotation back at the Cave on Berean (my previous residence). Its a great album because not only do you have duane rawkin yer face off on the slide, you also have the likes of BB King, Aretha, Wilson Pickett, Eric Clapton (even though eric clapton has always seemed like an asshole to me), and of course, the sexy baby brother Gregg Allman. Please see the separate blog entry for HOW FUCKING FINE THE ALLMAN BROTHERS used to be. What a great album!

Well so then I reckon I went on some kinda southern rock binge. Dawg reminded me that we watched a bbc southern rock documentary together- who knew? here it goes:

That documentary is awesome and totally worth watching (again, and again, and again...)

So back to the big house: 

When you first walk in there are a ton of old concert and festival posters! This was super exciting for me because I don't just dig the music maaaan, I also really get stoked about gig posters. In particular I was stoked to see this poster from the 2nd  Atlanta International Pop Festival. I recently got this three part compilation album of music from both the Isle of Wight and the Atlanta Pop Festivals after hearing a live allman brothers track played on another radio program i like to listen to, Reeling in the Years, with your host Jeff, on Album 88. They are fucking killing it on there!

But this wasn't the first I'd heard of the pop festival. Nancy's sister, my aunt, Susan, had attended the pop festival, so I actually have a sweet (albeit sort of rotting apart) commemorative t-shirt! Its exciting to me because its like the Woodstock of the south. Who knew?

Here goes the pop fest poster, among others:

Here goes a gold record from Capricorn records, their label. We tried to go take photos in front of the abandoned studio, but it was getting too late in the day because we take forever to do everything.

 heres a sweet trunk in the big house:

u seen that before somewhere?? ;-)

here they go in a promotional ad for some pioneer speakers/soundsystem: bitchin.

here go they photos:

here goes duane looking amazing:

before they were the allman brothers, but after they were the allman joys, they were the hour glass. some record label shipped them off to the left coast to force them into some psychedelic bubble gum pop band. here goes that album cover at the big house:

id love to find me a copy of that one day! 

i LOVE talking about when they were the hour glass. talk about square peg, round hole! all. day. long.

here they go as the hour glass:

god! they just look uncomfortable in all that getup. who's idea was it to dress them up like that?? they still made slammin tunes tho, as evidenced here:

the museum is full of amazing ephemera- we seriously spent all day there, like until closing time. Our tour guide was a high school friend of dawg's, so he gave us the super exclusive, hella comprehensive, backstage VIP ultra tour- replete with more information than we could ever begin to process about the brothers, the band, their families, the roadies, the record label, the manager, the south.....and so on. i tried to pare down the amount of info to only the most pertinent but it was hard.

Here goes a check written to duane- who knew his first name was Howard? WTH?? Also here is his scratch book with lyrics in his handwriting **AWESOME**

Here is some crazy archaic audio formats of antiquity and of foreign lands:

here goes the house soundsystem, bitchin!!!:

Here goes the view from the window where Dickey Betts wrote Blue Sky:

ITS TOTALLY INSPIRATIONAL THERE i can totally see how he conjured that tune up there!!

here goes his handwritten lyrics (which is dated wrong, according to our fabulous tour guide)

Here he goes with his wife, Blue Sky. I am totally posting this because when I read about the song was about her I totally googled her and could not find her picture, but it is there at the big house, and now it is here, on our blog. She was totally pretty.

Probably the best part of the tour was when our tour guide told us about Dickey Betts and Blue Sky's wedding, and how she's all native and he's all part Cherohonkee or whatever, and so he had to kill a deer before he could marry her or whatever. Then he went on to tell us about one time when Dickey Betts totally slaughtered some cow with his bare hands on the side of the road all high on drugs or whatever. Badass! See, you just don't get info like that on any regular old tour!

Here is the shower the allman brothers showered in!...

...and the bath they bathed in....

...and the toilet they peed in!! (I peed in it too, now we are ONE)

[area.personality:  me too]

Here are some of those sweet hippy ass threads of theirs:

their clothes were made for teeny people of another distant era. they reminded me of the shit featured in this book native funk and flash with all that stichery witchery!

here goes that book and some fotos from within:

 that chick is my style icon.

Here is an excerpt from Duane's journal that's framed beside the bed in the room that was his. It makes me love him so much to read this- what a nice guy!! 

here are a few examples of posters and photos and such on display in the big house. there is seriously so much fascinating shit in there, you'll just have to go for a visit yourself if you are at all interested:

Here goes the front door- i dig all the bitchin stained glass!!

they have a MEGA merch booth/room (you know i got me a commemorative coozie, guitar pick, and tshirt):

here is a photo of us playing a replica of duanes guitar. and emulating his expression on the photo on the wall behind us (just realized im totally holding this like a sitar, WRONG):

Here goes dawg and her high school friend who gave us the super duper wuper detailed tour:

and here we go posed up in front the big house. wish the brothers could be here with us!!!

and here are some of the bricks in the little garden beside the house, totally cool:

and finally, here is a photo of my delicious Allman Burger from the Rookery. All their burgers are named after Macon musicians and Jimmy Carter. They also had beer battered fries and pitchers of Wild Heaven. HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY to me!!!!!!!!

I will definitely go back, because I wanna take Nancy. I also wanna go to the H&H restaurant where they used to eat, but its closed on Sundays (thats why we didnt go this time).

a big thanks to my DAWG for arranging our personal private super VIP tour of the big house. its exactly what i wanted for my birthday this year!!!

[area.personality:  You're welcome, Dawg!  I had a blast!  And yes, a super special thank you to my old buddy Jeromy from high school for giving us the most informative and interesting tour of all times!  I appreciate it so much!]