Thursday, May 23, 2013

Real Quick

I understand that this is not a micro-blog; however, I don't have a lot of time right this second, and I feel compelled to share something. The National's new album Trouble Will Find Me has been out exactly two days and it has already bored the shit out of me.  I don't even own it.  But XMU and all the "indy" and college stations have it on such heavy rotation, absolutely crushing rotation, that I wish I could go back in time and assassinate the members of the band before they ever met each other.

And my question is, "Why?"  What kind of person would like this shit?  Someone with nerve damage?  An epileptic perhaps, that needs everything to be in a state of utter sensory blandness at all times so as not to convulse?

Hey XMU!  I can sing one note over and over and over and over again with nothing interesting musically going on behind me for support to overwrought hipster lyrics!  If I had ever, ever thought that THAT was the way to get played, I reckon I could have totally done it.  Anyone could.

I know it takes all kinds, but I will never understand how such boring shit gets airtime.  Seriously.  Here's the big single "Don't Swallow the Cap."  The title is missing an "r" in that last word.  If it had been included it would have been the one redeeming quality of this stupid album:  a piece of decent advice.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

can a long-haired man be too snaggletoothed?: revisiting sleep

so my long time, elementary school era friend, Norm, who  is a musician, and knows what sound im into, a novelty for most folks my age,  sent me a clip of Sleep from this documentary such hawks such hounds. thank u so fucking much 2 norm!!!!

A while back a friend of mine told me about this band sleep, and to be honest, I gave it a listen, liked it, got the cd, played it out, and forgot about it....until now. At the time, it was almost too heavy for me, but these days? Im fuckin feelin it.

This clip that Norm posted to my spacebook page got me all fired up! He was like "oh this reminds me of you for sooo many reasons" and man, good thinkin Norm. Any story where someone has blown an entire wad of cash on weed and custom amps is totally appealing to me, not to mention heavy sludgy rocking. But we will get back to Sleep soon enough...

So the next step for me was to find out wth is this whole documentary about? I mean, is there more music?! So come to find out, its a whole fucking documentary about this entire genre of music that essentially was off my radar, forever.  Its totally cookie monster music (a totally apt areapersonality term) but im getting into it maaaaaan. dude they call it stoner rock, and every fucking body on this flick sounds like they been burnin for years- i love me a old stoner!  but they do mention that this music is essentially a continuation of 60's/70's heavy rock/psychedelic rock/black sabbath, which is essentially what the fuck im looking for these days. 

A word about music documentaries: Thank you sweet baby jesus for music documentaries. I cant fucking get enough. When there is a really great music documentary, I have to watch it like 5000 times. I want to just absorb all their knowledge and rock to the rockin soundtrack. When its edited together all perfectly its so righteous. I love to critique and judge the critiques. Fucking rock critics are so corny BUT also spot on often times. I also love interviews with aging rock stars- it kind of is a sick obsession I have with aging- like you become more wise and, in the case of musicians, you can shred more than ever before. But you always end up looking crazy, but in a great way. Lots of hilarious looks to scope in this flick.

to sleep! sometimes, the riff is just so fucking good, you want it to go on  52 minutes.

so an old boyfriend got me on to this shit. when he heard me listening to the dungen comp in my car. and he was all like "do you always listen to music like this?" and im like NO MOTHERFUCKER-I PUT THIS SHIT ON JUST FOR YOUR SORRY ASS. damn that was a great compilation! featuring another great band parchman farm. they totally have a jewish chick guitarist who SHREDS and goes by "the jewge" as an homage to ted nugent aka the nuge. amazing. here they go:

i hate that they broke up because they were great and before (after?) their time.

that album also featured witch which was formed by j mascis (who played drums?! on that album). here THEY go:


any way, i got over that comment, and took his recommendation to listen to sleep. and i got into it and its great. the guitarist, according to his wikipedia page, is know for almost always performing shirtless, which is amazing. and in many fotos he looks great-until you see all up inside of his mouth: LAWD HAVE MERCY. now many of yall may already know that I love me a long haired, snaggled toothed man, but man, Matt Pike may take the cake on them teeth right there.

the guy look like tooty in a way, but more snaggledtoothed.


yet fine when young, like all of us

i hate that they got all pissy pantsed and broke up when dopesmoker wasnt released, but I love their comment about all the swirling emotions surrounding the break up:  "love and hate and confusion..."

 i also love this one dude commenting in the flick looks like the six-fingered-man from the princess bride. turns out i think he is the one who put out the sleep epic 52-minute riff track. but he also totally look like the six fangered man.

So anyway, without giving away the whole movie ;-) here are some of the highlight bands featured:

 dead meadow! what a great name, plus they fine. and they always seem to have great poster art.

dude! and i cant even believe! fucking spindrift opened for them!


pentagram sounds great. they are intriguing in terms of my aging rockstars obsession. like at some point, something, changes. lemmy. ozzy. paul mccartney. ringo star. pentagram.

pentagram was fine. but now they old. they still kinda fine. but older and bigger. which is crazy to imagine from looking at this foto, but look at the movie, and be amazed. 

mountain is amazing.

 earthless- the most hippy stoner doom.


they remind me of that band at eyedrum from gainesville,
smoking spore- they were great! NO vocals! only shredding and fuzz. it was like they took a personality inventory of what the fuck my eardrums want. and gave it the fuck to me. remember the good time up at the shitty ol eardrum dawg? fuck that place, but i had me some times.

then the movie takes us down desert rock lane: it makes me realize why the navaglos luv the metal so much! makes so much sense now!
across the riverkyuss, all this shit im diggin!

man its honestly more than i can communicate here. i think ive said enough. i need to just go on with the star assessment, but i think i will save it for an actual album, and not the documentary.

  overall 5/5 stars. kick ass.