Thursday, September 10, 2015

uncle fuckin acid and the goddamned deadbeats!

DUDE: so last night I went to go scope out Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats up at Center Stage's, along with Ruby the Hatchet and Ecstatic Visions

I have been way stoked on Uncle Acid n'em for a long time now, and have been DYING to catch them live, but they've never played the South before and I've never been able to get away to catch them elsewhere (although God knows I've tried). They are here from Cambridge, England, which is pretty far out, they just released their latest album, Night Creeper like a week ago, and Atlanta was the first stop on this tour! FAR FUCKING OUT, MAAAAN!

Here's a lil tune called Melody Lane from that new album for y'all listening pleasure:

Man so through some truly divine comeuppance, I was granted, by the Magic of the Interweb™, a guest list pass to the show! So in turn I was able to pass along my tickets to these two wizards, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

 Behold: Eva Deva and Bert LeVert McDert

Also through the Magic of the Interweb™ I was granted this Photography Hall Pass. Now RawkTalk has always been defined by our shitty photography, and everyone trust THIS WILL NOT CHANGE THAT. Instead, we are now able to bring you closer, to the bands that you love, in the shittiest photos man has ever know. 

"I'm gonna shoot...the shittiest fotos EVAR"

So I was really honestly psyched out to see Ecstatic Visions once more, and what's funny is we actually saw them play on this day last year at Meltasia (thanks, fb for reminding me of that yesterday). I mean I just seent them a few months ago too, but they be having subtractions and additions to they group so I was interested to hear what they sounded like with the sax man addition! Also I was really hoping for my wizard friends to see them too because its right up their alley, BUT we totally missed almost all of that shit! They are NOT on Central Stoner Time (CST) at Center Stage, BE WARNED: show at 8:30 means SHOW STARTS EDZACKLY AT MOTHERFUCKING 8:30.

 Here's the very last seconds of their set to scope at least

We DID however get to catch all of Ruby the Hatchet which was pretty far out. I haven't listened to them at all but they been on my radar, and actually my wizard friends are way into them, so they gave me mem'ry stick with some RTH tunes on it after the show so that I can jam to them some more. They put on a great fucking show, and I went down front to take some terrible fotos of them, behold!

Next up was Uncle Acid- man, they are so SKITTLY! They look real menacing and whatnot in the like one foto I've ever seen of them, and they did a real good job of making sure you couldn't see SHIT but hair and shadows while they were on stage. But you can tell they are not from here because they are all wearing like little boots and blazers and shit, they just don't look like the long hairs I'm used to, so EDZOTIC! 

So they totally kicked so much ass, and everyone in the fucking place was rawkin all hard and totally having a major Long Haired Toss Off™, like so :

But srsly, this is like one of the few shows I've been too lately where everyone was totally just zonin' and not like talking to each other, or fucking off on their phones. They played a wide array of songs off alla their albums, and everyone just ate that shit the fuck up, myself included. I wish they were playing again tonight! 

One thing that was puzzling to me was they stage decor for their set- there was like some metal trashcans out there and a brick wall- WTH? I don't think you can appreciate that in any of my shitty fotos, but I swear that's what was there. If I gain any insight into why I will update this shit, I swear.

There was a bitchin array of MERRRRCH up at the show.

Since the new album, Night Creeper, just came out a few days ago and I knew the show was happening like immediately after that, I just waited to buy my copy til I got to the show. Then LO AND MOTHERFUCKING BEHOLD, thru the Magic of the Innerweb™ I was able to get the boys to sign that shit! All except for Mr. Starrs. GODDAMN IT MR. STARRS.

The vinyl looks real cool, like clear, right? But then I thought, man, is this glow in the dark? So I held it up to my blacklight and it kinda looked glowy, but I could just be hallucinating. It wouldn't be the first time. But speaking of blacklight shit, THESE MOTHERFUCKERS TOTALLY HAD BLACKLIGHT POSTERS!  So you KNOW I got me one for the colllection! Here it go:

So that was srsly one of the most satisfying shows I've been to in a while, on all fronts. I hope alla them have a nice time here so they'll come back again and again (like some kinda facemelting zombie boys!!)