Friday, September 13, 2013

lawd have mercy!: look at how fine the allman brothers was!

Can we talk about how fine the allman brothers used to be for a minute?

not only were they good lookin, they were brothers

jesus LAWD gregg was purdy!

and yall know i love me a lawng haiyuhed snaggletoothed man! git it duane!!

but the brothers werent the only lookers in the band :-)

i like em serious..

...and jolly


...and just chillin...

...and drankin....

..and rawkin some more...

...and snoozin...

..and wearing fresh hippy ass threads.

and that's all i got. 


  1. Let's print them out and make paper dolls.

  2. totally.
    i think the last pic means i'm married to rock and/or roll. the bat'winged alcove haunter sez so.