Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SKOGEN BRINNER: diggin that viking rawk!

So, in the not too distant past, Subliminal Sounds posted up on fb about this band Skogen Brinner having new songs and all. I took the bait and am so glad that I did! I really been diggin their heavy sound....

The first song that I heard was off their new EP, and I guess I dug it enough to reach out and buy their last album- and it rules! My first inclination was to say that it sounds like a cross between Sabbath and Dungen, but then I realized the only reason I said Dungen was because they are singing in Swedish and Dungen is the only other band Ive really listened to that sing in Swedish. So maybe they just sound like Swedish Sabbath. Either way, they rule. 

Here's what is, obvi, the "hit single" off the last album:

It wouldnt be a rawk talk review if we didnt talk about how cute they are.  

 they are lawng haiyuhed and agreeable looking

 mysterious, yet approachable

 theyre cute, but not too cute. just the way i like them. 

Finally, this one song on the old album makes me wanna do the Bankhead Bounce whenever I hear it (not to date and locate myself...the BB was a dance style that originated in the SWATS back in the 1990's) Here it goes layered over the original video for the Bankhead Bounce-its syncs up eerily well:

heres the original if you are not familiar ;-) 

now you will never look at skogen brinner the same again!

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