Friday, August 28, 2015

Youth Lagoon: Listen to records, drink, possibly give each other home perms

[Disclaimer:  I wrote this post back in January and am not posting it until now due to many factors.  It still rules.  See if you can count how many fucks I give from where you are.]

I read this completely amazing Christmas gift guide for audiophiles recently, and then guess what happened?  I got two of the things for Christmas!  Yeah!

The very best gift I got was from my Kevs, and it was my super awesome Crosley record player.  I love it!!!  Of course.

The other gift I got was a subscription to Vinyl Me, Please.  I got my first record in January and you know what happened then?  Listening party!  And now what's gonna happen?  Rawk Talk!

For our first of hopefully many listening parties, we invited all chicks over to listen and drink, but only one could make it.  Fortunately it was one of our most awesomest friends - Teresa!  I think we are going to try and do this monthly from now on tho, and probably with a different group of people every time.

So the deal with VMP is that you get a special edition record every month, plus a work of art, plus a recipe for a cocktail pairing for one low low price.  That price is $27, which is a little steep just for a record, but considering they are special editions, any one might wind up being worth a lot at some point.

This month's album was "The Year of Hibernation" by Youth Lagoon, which I think is just some guy.  Here's a song:

The whole album is seriously, totally chill.  We all agreed:  not our style of music, but beautiful nonetheless.  Here goes a pic:

Oh and also it's on purple marbled vinyl!


Here goes the art work:

None of us were really into the artwork.  It was kind of weird and didn't match up at all.  I love dogs all hard and I couldn't even get into it.  I don't get it.  But anyway, the main event was the cocktail, which was the Paloma:

Shit yeah!  That stuff was good as hell.  Grapefruit soda, tequila, ice, and salt.  Fuck yeah those are my pink Himalayan sea salt shooters.  Fuck yeah that's Patron and San Pellegrino.  We do this shit up right.  We also made them with some of Teresa's hot vodka, which also ruled, but this shit was so smooth and awesome that we got completely loaded instantly.

While we were stumbling around, we also listened to Dawg's new record subscription, Keep in Touch.  They send out a playable postcard every month, and one side is artwork you can play on your turntable.  Long story short, they don't play for shit.  BUT, they do send you a code to also download the song.  Here goes the postcard:

And the tune was "Driverless Passenger" by TOPS.  Here it goes:

That shit was also completely fucking ambient and chill as all hell.  It wound up being this amazing girls' night in, drinking what turned out to be an amazing winter cocktail and listening to lil angels serenade us all night.  FUN.

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