Tuesday, April 2, 2013

atomic forest

So I got into this album recently- its been in my car for like a year or so and I never really gave it a proper listen. I tend to sleep on things real hard for whatever reason, then when I finally listen I'm all blown away and I feel like an idiot. Anyway I needed some palate cleansing after playing out whatever was on rotation before, and this has been amazing.

here is the link to the full album on youtube for your listening pleasure

So I think I originally got into this thanks to Dawg- thanks Dawg! She had told me about this Thai cover of Black Sabbath Iron Man that had been playing on the radio (she knows I'm totally into Sabbath and shit that's mysterious sounding, or like in another language) and so i was scoping the album out on amazon (its a compilation of thai psych rock shit, and its great- its on finders keepers- a record label devoted to reissues and issues of unreleased stuff-GREAT psych stuff from all over the world), and instead of actually buying that album at the moment I ended up buying this album which is a compilation of indonesian funk! on now-again records (which I think is like a spinoff of stones throw, of madlib and good-turn-of-the-millenium-hip-hop fame)