Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spindrift and Gram Rabbit

[Here is our post-show discussion and evaluation of the Spindrift and Gram Rabbit show we saw at 529 on Saturday, March 23.  This time we owe our buzz and our full bellies to the Flatiron, which makes great buffalo chicken fingers.  Fuck bones.]

area.personality:  I like the sound system at 529, very thick sounds from both bands.

iwishuwould:  agreed- the sound is nice n thick in there- i think it sounded better that they had that other side closed off- like it made it stew around in there real good.

area.personality:  So Gram Rabbit - I don't really *like* their style of music but I think they do it well.  I'm not sure what that's called...  dark rock?  It's not metal at all, but it sounds kind of evil.  It makes me think of New Orleans for some reason.

iwishuwould:  man, again- agreed. i dont really like that kind of music, whatever it may be.

area.personality:  I'm usually very critical of female vocalists because all women hate each other, but I thought she had a neat sound.  She sounded like the spawn of Grace Slick and Siouxsie Sioux.

iwishuwould:  she did have a good voice, but again, not my cup of tea.

area.personality:  I'd just like to remind everyone on earth to use the organ sparingly.  A little organ goes a long way.

iwishuwould:  i thought they laid off the organ enough- they kinda just had it as a prop, but my recollection is kinda foggy cause i was really getting into the lager there for a minute....

area.personality:  Their look was bizarre - the bassist and drummer looked like college rock hipsters, the lead singer had on a studded top from Neiman Marcus, three different pairs of oversized shades, and hair from Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour, and then the guitarist was dressed like a mariachi?  I love costumes, and individually they looked okay, but as a group they looked like a hot mess.

iwishuwould:  i also thought they looked a hotmess collectively, but individually, it was fine.  Yeah their look was totally non-cohesive. in a way i liked it, but in another way it was like, how bands try to werk a look to make up for shitty music? i thought she looked lady-gaga-esque, but what do i know?  here goes their picture:

area.personality:  seeing this picture makes me understand the lead singer's look much better.  Whatever it is she does, she looks a lot better on stage and in pictures than in the crowd.
area.personality:  Oh Jesus I had forgotten about that freaky bunny mask thing that person in front of us was wearing until I posted this picture! 
iwishuwould:  per wikipedia "Their musical style has been described as an amalgamation of psych-rock and electropop. Their fanbase is sometimes referred to as a self-styled "cult" called The Royal Order of Rabbits.[1][2]"   EW. although i wasnt feeling it, they certainly did have a following, albeit tiny (as in, tiny=few and tiny=small sized- u remember those teeny lil black chicks that had on rabbit ears and were selling little drawings? so strange) they totally had good merch too- you got u some rabbit ears for the boys as i recall (but again, the lager...)  here's a shitty foto of the drawing i bought from the teeny black chick in bunny ears:

iwishuwould:  here goes spindrift

iwishuwould:  I don't know why I thought this would be worth going to- I think I just wanted to catch all the bands I could who were on the way to sxsw. and I really dig the desert. and psych rock. so ok it sounded intriguing.
area.personality:  Spindrift was really good!  Unfortunately, I think the kind of music they play (again, I'm lost for the sub-genre name) is a novelty.  As good as they were, I can't imagine playing their music at home more than once in a blue moon
iwishuwould:  i agree- their sound is totally a novelty- and nothing i would listen to, perhaps even ever again, but its not bad, just not my thing presently.
area.personality:  What do we call that music?  Old West Psych?  Anyway, I really enjoyed it.  They had some highly original sounds, plus covered (or near-covered) "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and "Rawhide", stuff like that.
iwishuwould:  Per the flyer:  "Spindrift is a cinematically-driven, psychedelic western/rock band"
sounds ok, right?
but if id bothered to read more than one sentence i would have found out that they are originally from NEWARK, DELAWARE, which kinda kills the whole western vibe. BUT i think they are going for this genre desert rock - i just learned about it in this documentary the other night- dude- you have GOT to watch this shit- there is this dude in there that is so fucking much like kebs- it just KILLS me, but i digress.
that flick is great, and the wellspring of my next post, stay tuned.
area.personality:  OH and lest we forget the double guitar!  Always, always makes me happy to see that.  The double guitarist was the only one who wasn't playing ball with the rest of the band's Old West meets rock band apathy look, but shit, with a double guitar I guess you don't need to.  Even in their promo picture above, the rest of the band looks like they came from a scary version of "Little House on the Prarie" and he looks like he's headed to a Metallica concert.


iwishuwould:  the double guitar was the ultimate highlight of the show, no doubt. who the fuck has that?

area.personality:  I was also very, very happy with their vocals throughout, that was the best part to me.  They sang very few words, mostly the vocalizations were an additional layer of instrumentation, with some percussive "HEY"s yelled out here and there and at the end.  Also liked how members of other bands joined up with them at the end.  i love togetherness, even (especially?) if it's a freaky mix.

iwishuwould:  i loved the minimal vocals, fuck words. i also really dug when they jammed together- i like togetherness, and freakiness, as well.  over all it was a nice show, they performed well together, and it was entertaining, but just not really into their sound. thanks for going with me dawg- lets keep it up!!!

area.personality:  Can't wait!

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