Friday, August 2, 2013

jamz du jour: deep purple and the creation

deep purple is a great name for a band! here they go:

their song emmaretta has been on repeat in my head today

it has such a killer facemelt in it.

it was in my head today cause i listened to in the car on the way to werk, its on the mojo mix heavy mod, which i got from willard's wormholes! so awesome. 

the other song playing all day on and off on heavy rotation in my mind was how does it feel by the creation. which is another amazing name for a band.  although i was honestly disappointed when i realized it was "the" creation, because "creation" would have been way heavier. here they go:

here goes that song:

this song was also on that mix and it got me all curious about mod. i had to research at werk today. i also felt compelled to donate money (a small sum) to wikipedia because it is like my number one resource for all information. you wanna know about mods? wikipedia. you wanna research some obscure molecule you need to know about for werk? wikipedia. u wanna fall down a wikipedia hole for several hours about abu dhabi, oman, nepal, the annapurnas, the highest mountains in the world, arabic clothing, and burqinis? wikipedia.

behold: the burqini

so anyway i got all interested in mod. wtf is mod? i recall when i first started at GSU (in the 90's) there was a handful of "mod" looking kids. they made an impression on me because they had such a tight style, but i really never knew what the hell music were they listening too. (i still think i don't, wasnt there some kind of mod "revival" in preceeding decades? unsure.) the wikipedia entry has loads of interesting info about how it was basically the precursor to psych rock and hippies, and spin offs included skinheads, swinging londaon, and rude boys. how the fuck is that for variety?!

but i still feel like i could use a documentary or something to sort it all out. i tried a search but the only flick i could come up with was this swedish documentary about these two  little shitstains raising hell:

 it opens up promising enough, and it was entertaining enough, although i kind of didnt like the guys at all, so that sort of ruined the whole thing. but its an interesting look back in time/place. perhaps it left me with more questions than before- any recommendations of a documentary about the mod subculture??

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