Thursday, July 25, 2013

internal radio: summertime blues

this morning i have blue cheer's summertime blues going on in my internal radio:

makes sense since im fixin to head to werk and i really just want to go lay at spencers pool

this is totally not my favorite song by them. in fact when i first heard it i was disappointed because i was like, really? this is what all the fuss is about? this cant be right. turns out its not. honestly i think i had only heard their name in passing or like mentioned on my radio program and i was seeing their name pop up all over the place and i got all excited like yes! a new sabbath! but this album oh! pleasant hope is more soft/country than id figured and so i was bummed. but i stuck it out because i just knew i had been hearing hits by them. so i got the outsideinside album then i got it! and they are great. and i need to hear moooorrrrre....

here is a song i much prefer by them that was on internal radio not too long ago:

i think im just super into the hook

here goes blue cheer:

 i would say they are pretty unfortunate looking, which is sad because i like to develop debilitating crushes on musicians from other eras whose music i like. his fringe jacket is pretty bitchin though, so that makes him at least cuter. and they are lawng haiyuhed, and that, in almost all cases, helps. for instance, clay matthews is hot as 40 hells, but imagine him without the hair:

would he even be on the radar without all that lovely haiyuh? just not that into the sporty types, so..sorry clay...keep that mane, mang.

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  1. Oh! They have a goat man! Cool. Love anything entitled "Pleasant Mode."