Tuesday, November 19, 2013

crush du jour: spooky tooth's mike harrison !

jam du jour: evil woman, by spooky toof

cruisin fer some spooky toof (among other things) at wuxtry the other day and i found this tucked among the stacks:

congratulations, mike harrison! you have earned the distinction of crush du jour!!

scope this sexy ass motherfucker:

i DIG that fuckin belt buckle!


nice haircuts, yall....

that fucking SNARL is killing me!!

ahem, so anyway, heres the other stuff i got at the record store:

i heard this one, in its entirety, on stonehenge the other night, its pretty epic

this one was pretty fucking good-and i must say, i wish men still looked like this 

and ive yet to listen to this one, but i heard a track on reeling in the years and was like boom! ill give it a try

The best of the lot thus far has been that spooky toof, they just so damn jammin! (to be revisited in a more intense, excrutiating way, at a later date, thanks mike harrison!)

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