Saturday, November 16, 2013

internal radio: OZZY mama i'm comin home

now this is a weird one: starting sunday morning i had ozzy's "mama i'm comin home" playing on internal radio. WTH i havent heard that song like since the early 90's. or even thought about it! i mean, of course i love ozzy, and am obsessed with him to a certain extent, but it was still random. i had to be to work early on sunday so i think it something to do with waking up like in the midst of REM sleep or something. its a great song by the way, and now that i have it on repeat in my head for the last two days I feel like learning it for karaoke, sweet!

isnt it great? dont you want to sing along??

man i actually have a serious obsession with ozzy.  basically, what had happened was, i was all into the "rap" and the "electronic beats" for many many years, then one day i woke up and i was in love this band dungen, and i came to realize that i had just turned my back on rock since my teens. so i got all frantic trying to figure out where was more of this bitchin rock music i was feelin so much. so i took to the internets and read reviews of dungen albums etc until i could find a trend in references. i was troubled because people kept likening them to early black sabbath. i was like WTF, isnt that for greasy, spotty, metal head types, living in the 80's still?

like so (god bless)

so i went against everything i thought i knew and took a chance on sabbath. oops, im a dumbass, because sabbath rocked my fucking face off. and ozzy was fucking fine back in the day. 

lets take a trip back down early sabbath lane to youngozzyland, shall we?

young ozzy was basically my perfect boyfriend. i mean i guess they were all technically "busted" as far as looks go, but then im kinda into that. that and a metric ton of hair. (and well crafted, facemelting jamz)

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  1. dude hey man - Blind Guardian and Hammerfall are SO croosh'Legit!!!
    Power-Metal at its finest. Hansi fuggin Kursch sings for Blind Guardian...has side projects with iced earth for a band called "Demons & Wizards" ... Wassup Uriah Heap...Anyways...AND cameos for Therion. So epic. SO damn epic. Hansi loves nothing better than to sing about some Tolkien shit...They have many alblums dedicated to Silmarils and the plight of hobbits and gollum and elves and whatnot...AND ALSO Stephen King stuff! what...
    Hammerfall sings about bleeding dragons and kings or some shit.