Monday, April 21, 2014

internal radio: never tell yourself to "FOCUS"

never tell yourself to "FOCUS" unless you want to hear the riff from Hocus Pocus by Focus on internal radio for the rest of the day.

i made that same mistake the other day and that riff is still kinda swirling around in my head now.

Man, so RawkTalk has been away on a world tour for a few weeks, followed by an intense return to my motherfucking job, as well as a heavy dose of rawking in the interim. but the time is nigh to resume talking about rawking, so please bear with me as festering blogs come to a head over the next few days. I need to purge my mind prior to heading off to the Austin Psych Fest.

Last night I dreamt about rawk talk all night, and I dreamt I went to go see Jack White perform, and found my way to the back of the venue and sort of snuck in, I'm pretty sure because I was reading this article about scamming before I went to sleep.  It reminded me a bit of blogging because I feel like an imposter in a way, but motherfuck, I'm not. I'm a goddamned rawk blogger and I need some damn press passes for shit, stat! The dream turned into a bad scene when I decided I needed to go to the bathroom and they wouldnt let me back in (because the restrooms were located in the parking lot, of course). But I managed to sad eye my way back in somehow (that tactic would never work for me IRL). So all that being said, its time to FOCUS, burg, and write some shit!!!!

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