Tuesday, April 29, 2014

redneck riviera record hunting!

man, so rewind back to October 2013, yet again. A month of rawkin, but not much talkin. October is the month that I traditionally go to the "30-A" area of the beautiful panhandle of Florida with my family for our annual beach vacation. I love it there, and since its close to Panama City Beach, aka the Redneck Riviera, I always just refer to it as such (even though I'm sure the good people of 30-A would beg to differ.)

to be honest I always kind of hate leaving Atlanta in October, because the weather is just getting perfect, but I can easily get over that once I get to the beach. This was a kickass drive this time- I got up at the buttcrack of dawn and got on the road by like 8-ish on a Saturday! Which meant I got to listen to Reeling in the Years with your host Jeff on 88.5, which I love. I Shazamed a bunch of shit he was playing, because it was awesome, and then I used my Cymera app to cobble it together with a screenshot of the map, which I then instagrammed and posted to facebook. all while driving. i know thats illegal, but im really good at multitasking.

I believe I took this photo in Columbus, Ga / Phenix City, Al. They are border towns that are basically one city but separate municipalities. I think I may have to move there so I can work at this pharmacy.

I do enjoy a scenic drive

at last! the beach!

but thats not what this post is about really. because this is RawkTalk and this post is about my extreme vinyl haul in the Redneck Riviera.

Whenever we get down to the RR I like to take a short drive over to Central Square Records, located in the lovely (albeit sorta yuppie) town of Seaside. I would say that the prices at this store are slightly elevated, being that its in a prime tourist district, but no matter, they always have a kickass selection, and everything is in great shape, and sometimes its ok to pay a little bit more when your record store has got an oceanview. 

besides used vinyl they also have a great selection of music related bric a brac and merch, as well as new releases, etc. its kind of like the Criminal Records of Seaside, because once I started following them on facebook I realized they also have in-store shows and participate in record store day, etc. they are also connected to a bookstore downstairs, that i never have time to go in because i get too bent out of shape in the records store. 

sweet decor

heres a load of records that I didnt get but took photos of, cause im a total dork like that:

fucking strawberry alarm clock. why do I ever have a budget? why cant i just buy everything I fancy?

WHY DIDNT I BUY THIS? this is such a great jam to whistle to, I couldve been whistling the WHOLE DAMN ALBUM by now.

Oh man! I remember when I had my nails that color! Gosh its so great to be off work so I can focus on things that really matter, like painting my nails to match my chewing gum and shit like that. I still dunno what this album is but it was looking intriguing....

Midnight star rule. I shouldve gotten this too. 

HA HA. This shit. I got a copy of this when I was in high school. Who knew they released it on vinyl.

Shouldve got this too, instead I just took a photo of it and text it to mi madre, Nancy. 

OMG I LOVE THIS SONG thanks to my neighbor, Thunder. WHY DIDNT I BUY THIS??

HOLY FUCKING SHIT: DOPESMOKER? Please tell me you bought that, Burg! Nope. whole bunch of nope. WTF. 

Well jesustittyfuckingchrist what the hell did i buy??!

Well, its been so long ago now that its difficult to piece together what I bought, but I can summon some memory... So I think I got that Cactus album that day, and I know I picked up the Blue Cheer vincebus eruptum because that opened some dialogue betwixt me and the record shop keeper. I asked if we could play it because I was timid about its pricetag (clearly I was timid about ALL pricetags this day because I didnt seem to buy any goddamned thing). Of course it sounded great and I think I asked him to play maybe one or two other things (things which clearly went back in the stacks). More on the recommendations of said shopkeep in a moment. 

I know I bought that FAT album there honestly just because it was looking cool, but turns out to be a really great record. I remember googling it while I was in there because it was next to a Fat Matress album, which also looked intriguing but was ultimately returned to the stack. (prolly shoulda just gone on and got it too) These dudes were from Massacheusetts, which is odd, and according to this one blog they opened for the Allman Brothers! sweet. unfortch before they could release their second album they got busted for drugs by the Man, maaaan. BUMMER.

So after listening to some records, and talking a bit of shop with aforementioned shopkeep, I was cruising the new releases (and re-releases, as it were) and lo and motherfucking behold: DOPESMOKER. Well I paused to scope it for a sec (and again with the damn thriftiness, I didnt get it, boooo) but the shop keeper was like, "oh hell yes! I knew you were gonna stop for that!!" (it must not take long to get to know me in a record store) so based on that we had some conversation that let to a perfectly apt recommendation of two current bands: Radio Moscow and Boogarins. I ended up getting the Radio Moscow album brain cycles, and it RULEZ. Its was heavier than you might think looking at photos of them (i initially though they looked all young and sweet and flower child-y, but then im realizing after I followed the Obelisk's on the road coverage of their tour opening for Pentagram (mothereffing Pentagram!) that they are not, even flower child-y)

here they go:

heavy on the cowbell and the facemelt, bonus: drum solo! jam du jour. in fact boogarins are playing the psych fest, and i had previously wished that radio moscow would play the psych fest too, but not gonna happen i reckon since they are touring europe right now. NEXT YEAR, YALL. 


Later on during our stay, my family united to do one of our favorite activities: junkin. we took a cruise inland to find the goodwill. now typically most thrift stores have crap for vinyl and you leave wishing you could wash the mold off of your hands, like, rightnow. and to be honest this thrift store was a bit of a departure from the norm. for one, I actually found some gems, in decent shape at that! as well as some sehr interessant other lil thangs. 

shoulda got it just for the WOW factor, seeing as how I work at the ol cabbagepatch babyland general. 

(love that waterfall, tho)

and look! I actually bought some shit! love some damn johnny winters albino ass, got the woodstock album, and that songs of new nations deal- that turned out to be kinda cool, although like orchestral or choral or whatever. We ended up listening to it when I got back while we were carving our pumpkin for halloween: THATS HOW LONG AGO THIS WAS. 

Well, at least this post was so late in the making that now its only 6 months away instead of a full year until our next redneck riviera vacation! id better save up so i can clean out the stacks next time! NO JAMZ LEFT BEHIND!!!!

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  1. Excellent. Sometimes I read your posts and it clears up so much for me. You have told me all of this in tiny pieces over the past 6 months, but now it's all so cohesive. Thanks dawg.