Saturday, June 22, 2013

summer solstice supermoon jam: heavy nuggets, vol 2

this complication put out by mojo magazine is my summer solstice soundtrack. this shit is rocking my fucking face off right now. its soulful, heavy, psychedelic, and totally fucking rawkin.

here you can listen to the whole thing: HERE

the highlights of this compilation for me are firstly the song from Blossom Toes! I totally heard about blossom toes on my radio program several weeks ago and this is the second song i heard from them, so now I'm going to have to go down the rabbithole of blossom toes soon.

its probably my favorite song on here because his voice is so damn raggedy, and its totally kinda swamp rockity in the sense that the guitars kinda make yer face twist up into that rawk smirk you get when its reaaal fuckin guuuud. 

another great song on here is nobody by a band called freedom, which is a great name for a band! according to the internet im finding out that they are members of procol harum also which is an album i keep seeing at once possesed that looks good but i dont know what it is but i now know i should probably get.

a word about once possessed: its like my favorite store. they have totally bitchin vintage furniture and bric a brac, as well as a meticulously curated record collection. the folks who run it are totally sweet, and I actually cant wait to go back and buy some shit i left last time. like this record.

also key on this compilation is cries from the midnight express by the pretty things. here they go:

well and my lawd! that name aint no misnomer!! pretty lawng haiyuhed thangs!!

another song i love on here is king dick 11 by Tractor. Now tractor done came up in conversation a coupla times recently, as in dawg and kebs knew, and martin at once possessed knew, but i aint even know. and then they just showed up on heavy nuggets vol 2 rocking my fucking face off. right AWN.

so in terms of rating this with my forgotten rating system:
heaviness 5/5
flower power 5/5
scoobydooitude 5/5
mysteriousness 4/5 - its only getting 4/5 for mysteriousness because 1) its in english 2) i can understand what they are saying BUT 3) its from a distant time and land
fuzziness 4/5
rawness 4/5
shreddingnesss 4/5
funkiness 3/5 its pretty un-chuk-ity in places, but it aint FUNK
swampiness 3/5 i mean, theyre english, it cant be real swampy with out some oppressive heat informing it, but they got a good slide awn it.

now just hear out the whole comp and be blessed with your summer soundtrack!!

previously fucking great from mojo was this psychedelic bubble, which was curated by the dudes from future sound of london!! FSOL used to be one of those electonic acts of the 90's, their big hit being We Have Explosive which was featured on the Amp compilation from MTV, back when MTV actually had anything to do with actual fucking music. I had a massive poster in my bedroom in high school of this:

here is the video for the song which is totally awesome:

anyway, here is the compilation that those dudes put out, which is also great, and which is also from mojo:

You can listen its its entirety here: HERE 

Its so interesting to me that they took the same path of musical interest that i did and on a similar timeline. like in the 90's it was all about electronic music and heavy throbbing dance shit, and then in the 2000's they took an unexpected turn towards the psychedelic rock of yesteryear. wonder if they also just heard dungen and got their minds blown and went on an exhaustive search for more in that vein.

Interesting to note that both mojo compilation albums stream completely free on the totally bitchin named Willard's Wormhole's website.  FUCKING AWESOME to note that Willard has every damn comp from mojo available to stream from this website! SCORE! so now I can totally listen to shit like Heavy Nuggets, VOL 1, and Heavy Soul, Motown Nuggets, and more curiously named comps like Cigarettes and Alcohol, and Stoned. THANK YOU WILLARD!!!!!

Also scrolling down Willard's Wormholes I see a bit about the 13th Floor Elevators. This is a band I should surely have known more about, being that they are sort of pioneers of psychedelic rock, presently my fave genre of music. I just watched this documentary called Youre Gonna Miss Me about the dude Roky Erikson who is the singer/songwriter/guitar player for that group (on netflix y'all!!!!) He totally took too much acid in the 60's and triggered what was surely underlying schizophrenia, that was surely exacerbated by his narcissistic and heavily religious mother. what a great movie.

actually another great netflix documentary (or rockumentary, if you will) i watched recently is this about bobby leibling from pentagram! i found out about pentagram watching a docu/ rockumentary about stoner rock

this film was truly entertaining because the dude bobby has totally been on fucking CRACK and HEROIN for like the last thirty years, and it shows. now yall know i am also obsessed with drug addiction stories, and his is a doozy. also he fuct everything up for pentagram, who were fixing to be a great rock band, like the next led zeppelin or something, and so i kept saying throughout the whole film, in Hank Hill from king of the hill voice, "goddammit bobby!!"

but it has a happy ending, just watch it already!

and that concludes this summer solstice/supermoon post! im off to coastal georgia for a dip in the atlantic! peace yall!!!


  1. Warning: Procol Harum kind of sucks. Listen before you commit. Their iconic hit single "Whiter Shade of Pale" has always made me switch off the River when I'm indulging in that type of guilty pleasure. BUT, on the other hand, you have a greater organ tolerance than I do, so who knows? Thanks for all the tips Dawg! Also that guitarist in Pretty Thangs looks like Peter Tork from the Monkees. Could it be?

    1. No, it is not. Althought they have a past member named Peter Tolson which is pretty close. But hey, they still alive and kicking! Formed in 1963 and still touring the Uk all this summer. Crazy.

  2. Procol Harum certainly does NOT suck. An acquired taste, yes, but sucks, no way.

    1. Well hey, I'm no expert. To each his own, good sir.

  3. well hell! both a yall!! im give em a listen before i go buy that record, but its been calling to me like the last two times i been in there. man what i really need to do is organize my shit, i need dividers and labels like a library. its just in these rudimentary heaps right now: heavy rotation, new music, to be listened to, michis shit, wack shit. i need to get it together....