Saturday, May 3, 2014

Austin Psych Fest!!! : day uno

shit yeah!!!! we made it to austin!!! we picked up our rental car and we got upgraded to a motherfuckin Dodge Avenger: sweeeet (LOL).

first things first: TexMex. area.personality googled the best mexican restaurant in Austin, which was only open for dinner. so then she googled the second best mexican restaurant in Austin, which was Curra's Grill. So we went there and the parkng spot we pulled into has a mural with Roky Goddamn Erickson on it! its a siiiiiign...

sweet!!! psych fest on the cover of their equivalent of the Creative Loafing!!!

hot n spicy margaritas...

cheesy cheese dip

pork marinated in coke, milk, and orange juice is magical

ok. now that sustenance is out of the way: RAWKIN. we got to the festival just as Graveyard was coming on. they are swedish and they totally brought the blues rock. they were great and they also had a saxophonist in there. although i would say they didnt do a lot of stage theatrics they certainly sounded great.

now, we saw other acts throughout the day but i didnt make photos of them all. following graveyard we also caught white hills, who did an awful lot of hair tossin for not a whole lot of shredding, but they were good and fuzzed out and i did dig it. Then we listened to Black Lips as we staggered around the festval grounds as well. Then over to the other tent for KADAVAR!

Kadavar rules because they have equal parts shred and hair tossing. they dont spare any facemelting in the name of hair tossing, and its heavy doses of both. i love thier big bouncy basslines cause they make you wanna pop yer ass all around, but then they are also shredding making you shake yer head all around too. they souunded gret last night, but the sts are really short here, maybe a half hour? they only played liike seven songs, but it was awesome. while all the facemelting was going on I got this text from ol Spancer:

why, yes, we are rawkin, gourl.

oh yeah- this is how fucking gorgeous the wether was yesterday- so fucking nice and cool, i was so happy for the cool, dry weather. The the moon came out for Kadavar's soundcheck, and it was magical.

after kadavar we cruised the merch, although i didnt see merch for all the bands? what the hell. we gotta go get a better dig in today. 

last years posters, this years are there too, may have to score some today as well.

this is what the stage looked like during the zombies set. that was kinda cool because we heard all their hits, although they sounded really different these days. 

$8 Brussels sprouts: no.

instead we got some fucking delicious sweet potato and black bean quesadillas with tomatillo sauce and a draft kombucha, which was fuking perfect. however after all that rawkin, wandering, eating and boozing, we were pretty zapped. We heard some of the dandy warhols, which was new for me, but sounding pretty good, and then we tried to sit through brown sabbath, a local act, which was a funk black sabbath cover band. while an intriguing concept, we couldnt manage anymore than like two songs before we had to call it a night. transit and figuring things out and boozin make for a tiresome day, so we had to throw in the towel. but we'll be heading back tonight!!!

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