Sunday, May 10, 2015

Austin Psych Fest Live! More time happened

Since the first time I heard them, I knew one day I would end up layin on a blanket in a field somewhere totally incapacitated listening to the Black Angels play live. While its awesome to be sharin this blanket with you Dawg I know you know I'd rather be sharing it with the Black Angels. They are rocking me sufficiently for now. No need to rassel them to the ground. 

Before we saw Samsara Blues Experiment who set the whole damn pace for today. Half speed. They were awesome. 

We just left Black Angels to see Follakzoid from Chile. It was kind of like leaving the US to go to Canada, but they're great nonetheless. Here goes Follakzoid:

Yayuh!  Dawg, you wanna call the one on the right? Yayuh!

After SBE we saw Mac DeMarco and I actually enjoyed it even though he sounds a lot like Al Stewart in his studio recordings. Big thanks to Kevs for giving me the Al Stewart background for vicious criticism purposes. Thanks and sorry, babe. 

Coming up later: 13th Floor Elevators, Flaming Lips, and Fuzzzzzzzz

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  1. hahaha kind of like going to Canada. Kind of like a Celine Dion show, but good