Sunday, May 10, 2015

Austin Psych Fest Live! The past 24 hours

So lastnight we saw Spiritualized, and it was super weird. Did the band go away after the 90's and then come back totally reinvented recently? Or did a different band assume their name? Because it was kind of a lot of straight ahead rock instead of intense electronic buildups and  releases. Late phase bands can be confusing. 

Then we saw The Swords and they totally rocked! I really enjoyed them, but at what cost? They were playing in a massive tent and it got hot and gross in there so we had to go find a spot out the back. 

Then we decided to just listen to a bit of Tame Impala and then go. TI sounded great, but I don't like the new tracks. I really dislike the manwoman song.  The let it happen one is ok. Did you read that article about Kevin Parker doing ONE THOUSAND vocal takes for manwoman? I don't know what to say about that. But there was a chick doing free oil cleanses so we got our faces washed and then left. 

We weren't too interested in the bands today so we haven't seen too much, but the weather has been amazing!  Nice and dry and cool and breezy! Yeah! Dawg said we needed a waterbed, which would rule! But I countered with this:

But when I went to google image it i got this:

And now I think we have to get a giant outdoor clamshell bed to take to festivals. We could probably get some cadre of Dirtbags to move it around for us, right? 


The other thing that's making tonight rule is the newest addition to my shoe closet:

Fuck yes

We heard the Oh Sees on the main stage. They're a lot more poppy and musically organized than I thought they would be! But enjoyable. 

Then we saw Primal Scream. They must have been pretty forgettable because

Now we're listening to Earth and it is so righteous. They are so droney and stoney and delicious. Here goes Earth:

Look! There's a chick! Hell yeah to chicks in sludge rock bands! Nice!

That's it for now. I don't think we're staying for Jesus & Mary Chain. You know?

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