Saturday, May 9, 2015

Austin Psych Fest Live! The first 20 minutes

Once every like seven years Austin gets really humid and has a lot of rain. This is that year. 

So last year it was all super dry and hot during the day, cool at night. And the wind kept blowing, and it would kick up a dust storm. 

This year it's wet. 

Also it's on a ranch. 

And hot. 

And it's on a ranch. 

Ya know?

Anyway, so far I've enjoyed Ringo Deathstar, they sounded great. In fact, most everything on the main stage sounds great. I purposefully avoided DIIV so I dunno about them. 

We discovered Mini Mansions and Holy Drug Couple. We should adopt that moniker, Dawg. Gotta listen to them more closely later. 

Now we're sitting at White Fence and they're / he's playin and playin. It just doesn't sound as good as some of his stuff I've heard. 

Next up: Spiritualized, still at it after 73 years together, but I can still dig it. Then Swords and Tame Impala. Yay!


  1. Austin is so moist. Is that a picture of iwishuwould frolicking in a field so vast that you could be at a bluegrass festival?