Wednesday, July 24, 2013

internal radio: awesome sound

THANK YOU JESUS: I no longer have "multi-purpose sarong" stuck in my head.

Jesus: the original lawng haiyuhed man 

We wrote and recorded a song at Zach's house in Chicago about my sarong that I travel with and use for many purposes and it was great and hilarious and amazing and also A TOTAL FUCKING EARWORM. i have not been able to get that shit out of my head for several days and it was driving me insane. Luckily I woke up this morning with "awesome sound" by Ween (the live version off of paintin the town brown) playing on my internal radio.

Here is the closest rendition of that song I could find on the whole damn internet! for some reason the paintin the town brown version is unavailable, now you too can hear what it sounds like inside my head while I am crunching numbers and chatting with coworkers all day:

And here is Dean Ween rocking your fucking face off:

Dean Ween: owner of the worlds greatest Rock Face (aka guitar face)

I'm not sure if we had ever discussed our internal radios before, but me and dawg got to chattin about how there is always always always a song playing in our heads, like at all times. Most of the time its enjoyable, I hear facemelting guitars just streamin along inside my head when I'm at work, etc. I have often thought of keeping a log of whats playing at all times just to scope trends, just cause its kinda funny. So I'm going to make  an effort to blog/log and tag all my internal radio rotations, just for the hell of it. So there.

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