Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pitchfork Live! Great Idea

I wish I had thought of it before yesterday so Days 1 and 2 could have been live. Day 3 will be live! Yeah.

The high point of Day 2 for me was the Breeders playing Last Splash beginning to end for the album's 20th anniversary. God I loved that album when I was in college! What a treat to hear it live. They opened up with a cover song that I wasn't familiar with in sort of April Fools' fashion. It was fine, I'm just glad they're out of their Hedvig and the Angry Inch phase. It seemed like they performed in a lower key than the studio recording. That makes sense - time waits for no man. Here go the Breeders from our vantage point. 


The people watching was excellent for this show. The crowd was hugely diverse - elderly lesbian couples, Hispanic laborers, 90's lovin teens, chubby middle aged moms.  Ok, forgive me but I just downloaded the blogger app and there's no option to change the font back after pasting from my notes. Weird.

Also it was during the Breeders' set that we realized that we inspire love all around us. This chunky tattooed nerd girl in some painful shorts was workin it SO hard for her red-haired nerd boyfriend in front of us. You go girl! Get your money's worth outta them Torrid shorts!

Anyway, they sounded great and hearing the whole album was hugely satisfying. More to come! Stay tuned as  we cover Pitchfork Live! Or at some later time. 

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