Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pitchfork Saturday summary!

What a beautiful day for a festival! It was sunny and warm, but not too warm. And breezy and plenty of shady spots. Small enough to navigate with ease, and excellent people watching/judging. And as soon as the sun started to go down it was cool, so lovely.

They have a totally bitchin array or merch booths here and lots of fun free swag! For instance:

These little packets of energy gems, basically like big ass m&ms with caffeine. Fun.

And these:

This is a shitty do-rag consolation prize from some  promotional thing. Itself not so exciting BUT the way that thing worked is you pick a guitar pick from a bag, if it's blue you get some shitty promo crap line the do-rag. If it's green you get to go into a money grab tube !!! You got like  thirty seconds to grab all the money you can while all this wind blows! So we gonna try that again today. You can also win a guitar. I've always wanted to go into a money tube ever since I saw one at dugans in Atlanta. Here is an example if you are unfamiliar with the concept :

The shows we managed to catch yesterday:

Blue stage for metz, heavy rock kinda screamy

Then we watched swans. That was kinda cool and mellow yet heavy droning kinda hypnotic, the singer kinda sounded like Jim Morrison driveling in a way. they would actually be perfect for heavy metal yoga, which we went to in Atlanta. Heavy metal yoga is actually a great concept, but whatever shit that chick had playing was not that great, but swans would be perfect. No photos here because I was too enthralled with this cowboy hat dude  dancing and flailing around, and with these boys making  out and then dry humping each other directly in front of us. Once Anna and Zach were alerted to that spectacle we relocated. 

But that was actually perfect timing to go get a good spot for the breeders set. At this time I would like to give a shout out to my favorite travel/music festival accessory/tool: my totally bitchin multi purpose sarong, pictured here:

This sarong serves many, many useful purposes. People may laugh at my multi purpose sarong initially but when it's usefulness reveals itself, they ain't laughin then. You need a blanket to sit on? Multi purpose sarong. You get all wet in the rain ? Here, dry off with my multi purpose sarong. You wanna twirl around like you're on some kinda hippy freak out acid trip? Multi purpose sarong. 

The breeders was a fun set, clearly many people were around to see them. I thought her voice was a bit muffled, but then you know all the songs so it doesn't really matter.

Finally, the Green stage during belle and Sebastian. I gotta admit I wasnt real impressed, I mean they sound  great, but not the kind of music I'm into at all. 

But it was a beautiful night and I had enough beers in me, and great company, and it was just a great day. Looking forward to checking out more shit today, and getting in that damn money tube!!!

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