Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lockscreen Loverboys™

Just a quick note for clarification:

I will often times refer to my most current object of rawk obsession as my Lockscreen Loveryboy™ (YES I am trademarking the shit out of all my various tweenage girl vernacular now). What I'm talkin bout here is my fucking phone lockscreen, which features a rotating array of glorious, lawng haired, facemelting mens of rawk. Behold, some examples:

my boyfriend Ozzy

 hot n sessy Gregg Allman

sweet lil Lupus Lindemann, of Kadavar

(had to feature him twice in both casual AND rawk settings)

young Jim Dandy! Lawd hep!

and my current (as of Feb 2015) LSLB, Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow

Now that you know about that part of my total tweenage fangirl part of my personality, please enjoy the rest of our regularly scheduled content.....

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