Thursday, February 26, 2015

Love Clearinghouse! FTW! Part 2

You know what I'm really bad about?  Having a part 1 and not a part 2.  I looked back at this series I was going to do, and it was all miserable and self-indulgent and not any good, really.

But you know, there's always gotta be a part 2, at least, when there's a part 1.  And since it's all about LUV I gotta finish this shit in February.

Instead of all the miserable and confusing commentary, though, I think I'll just leave it at a few shout-outs to past loves and call it a day.  And when you see how bad the songs are that are associated with my train wreck of a love life, well, it should tell you something.

Everything about my heart must go...

At least the first one rocks still!  This one is for my first real boyfriend, my high school sweetheart.  We were together for about five years, which was more than 25% of my life back then, so it was a big deal.  I totally loved him, but I knew it couldn't go on forever, so we broke up and got back together a lot.  This is the song about breaking up all the time.  LOL I thought I was such a grown-ass woman back then!  I didn't know shit!  It's actually shocking that I can still be taken aback by how shitty and miserable love is.  Anyway, thanks Janis...

Then there was this boy I had a brief relationship with...  Now that I'm so old it feels weird to even think about the teenage version of myself having "relationships."  Anyway, that one was awesome for what it was, but it ended badly and with distance.  A few years later this song came out, and his was the part of my heart I sang it to.  The bright spot in this post is that I found this recording with J. Mascis, my favorite musician in the entire universe and only possible candidate for Lockscreen Loverboy™.

This one's a weird one.  I went to see the Moody Blues with my college boyfriend, and I think that's when I learned of this horrible MB songs from their 'yes, we're still current' era.  There's even a horribly dated official video that goes with it.  Anyway, this is a stupid and peppy song that I knew back then I would hear at some point later in my life and think of that kid.  He was a good guy.  It was doomed from the start.

There's probably a ton of songs that would remind me of my utter failure of a marriage that I STILL DO NOT EVEN LIKE TO THINK ABOUT BECAUSE IT WAS SO GROTY, but let's just go with this one.  Yeah, this was an end-of-relationship gemstone.

GUH, sorry about all the late phase rawking!  Anyway, fast forward through all that mess and here's a song for Thor's father.  Now let's be clear, Thor's father and I never hung out and listened to music together.  Thor's father was very briefly and transitorily in my heartspace for one reason and one reason only:  I was experiencing The Heat™, and he is the Master Progenitor™.  But I was listening to this song a lot during that era, so here goes.

And finally, there's this song.  For that other guy.  The one who never showed up.

Ahhhh looooove.....

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