Monday, February 23, 2015

We need to talk: CRUSH DU JOUR: Radio Moscow

Look, I know its been a while, and I can't keep my damn thoughts straight any more. I don't know what we have an haven't discussed on this blog any more. Did I actually write that shit? on an actual computer? Or did I just think about writing about it constantly?

That being said, I think I really need to address my Radio Moscow obsession. 


I first heard about Radio Moscow from the dude at the record store at the beach. What a great guy! I asked to play a couple of used records and he was into all the shit i was bringin up there, so he made me some recommendations on some new shit I'd be into and Radio Moscow was one of them. RIGHT FUCKING ON HOMEBOY. NICE JOB!!!! Although admittedly at first I was like ummm Radio Moscow? I fucking hate Russian people. I dunno if I can get into that, he was all like nah nah they're from the Midwest or some shit. GOOD. (Although I really dig that lil group the Re-stoned, who are Russian, despite that they are Russians. I guess I can't generalize everybody as hard as I want to)

Here goes one of my favorite songs by them off the 2009 album Brain Cycles:

I love this fucking song- it not only facemelts, but also has a killer drum solo, and them knockin cymbals or whatever clackin around back there. Also I always love that his vocals are reverbed the fuck to death.  

When I first googled them I was kinda like, damn look at these lil floaty lookin thangs! These lil flower children and shit! But you would never know it to look at them how fucking heavy, psychedelic, bluesy, and RAWKIN they actually are. Not to mention they have a good look. I totally dig their style. 

Also I really like it when long haired boys are laughing and smiling. SIGH

So of course I bought it on vinyl from homeboy at the beach, but I don't think it came with a download code: BUMMER. (Side note: I think if I'm buying a new a new album and its a fucking record, that shit should come with a download code. C'mon man, srsly. A new record is like $20, throw me a fucking bone already). So I think my listening to it was limited to the living room for a while, which is not a big deal, but I really want to have that shit in my car when its some bitchin scenery, in my headphones when I'm walking up Stone Mountain, etc. So some kinda way I got me some digital copies of the their albums and ever since then its been AWN.

Here's that rock I'm always climbin. 
Radio Moscow are TOTAL fucking mountain climbing music too, lemme tell ya. 
They have been absolutely rawkin my fuckin face off for like the last year and a half. I ended up getting that Alive at the Deep Blues Fest album in Chattanooga, and that shit is fucking incredibly good too. It really made me want to see them live, and I really wished they had been at the Austin Psych Fest last year, but they keep touring the fucking world, but aren't ever touring the fucking states. And I'm like hello! Y'all! I'm down to travel for shows, y'all all know that, but the shit is not coinciding for me and Radio Moscow and I'm really ready to get shredded fucking live with them sometime this century.

Also i really want them to come here on here tour because i am in desperate need of some MERRRRRRR-CH, maaaaaan. 

My friend Don, the mastermind behind the Great Southern Brainfart, said that he was nonplussed by their live performance when he seent them open for Graveyard in Atlanta a couple years back. I think Don's just jealous that I'm all dickmatized by them tho, and I will be the judge of that when I finally get to see them live too. So there.

So they had a new album come out last year. Its also the jam.  Here goes a version of "So Alone" live from the Magical Dirt album

I love how he's always talkin bout bein' so alone, and confused, and heartbroken and shit, and I'm like dayum shawty, I bet I could clear some shit up for you....

While I was internet stalking researching Radio Moscow at werk one day (shhhh! that shit is SO not allowed! I rarely have time for it at work, but you know, you can't stop when you're feelin all obsessed and shit) I enjoyed a good conversation with my coworker (a 45 year old black chick from NYC) about which one of them could fuck the best, which was totally entertaining. Thanks Dhonyale, but we will have to agree to disagree on that one, until one of us does some real journalism and actually tests those waters, we'll just keep guessing. 

But srsly y'all, I'm having a huge crush on Parker Griggs, the likes of which I haven't seen since I was madly in love with Lupus Lindemann of Kadavar about this time last year. I've been being a creepy internet stalker. Sorry Parker, I know you are a real person, with your own life beyond rawkin everyone's fucking face off, but you are elevated to fantasy dream date status in my world.

Ah, that phrase warranted an illustration from area.personality. Behold, an MS Paint masterpiece!

OMG I thought I was going to DIE when she sent me this! I love that she chose the picture of him with the gnarly stitches in his fucking forehead, because she is my best friend and she knows that I love a dude with scars. SIGH

When I first was inspired to google the "Dream Date" board game I also encountered the "Heartthrob" game, which totally also warranted an Area.Personality MS Paint Magic™ treatment, featuring area.personality and dear Kadavar. Behold:

Yeah, you got a hold on me, braj.

One of the other things I'm stoked about with Radio Moscow is that there is so much more for me to hear from them that I haven't heard yet. There's a couple other lil nuggets floatin around out there, aside from the three albums that I got, including some re-release demo bits. Also hoping they keep putting out gems forever.

I'm not crazy about the album artwork but that doesn't really matter so much as the actual music. But then again, the longer I look at these, the more I like them. I think. Shit is def totes "my colors".

I wish they had some official music videos too! That would be cool. That's always fun. Well, when they're good its fun. 

The hardest part of writing this is trying to figure out which songs to include cause like every single one is such a fucking ripper. I like that his voice is all rough and deep and shit, like it doesn't look like what I think would come outta him based on how he look in fotos. I also dig the songs without lyrics as much as the ones with lyrics, cause the jams are so JAMMIN even without them. Which is really what I'm all about here. Well, that, and a metric ton of hair attached to some dirtbag.

I really dig the fuck out of these fucking guitar effects changin up in the Brain Cycles title track. I feel like that's how the fuck my brain be feelin sometimes too. I reckon Ima just leave y'all with that. 

He's such a fucking killer blues guitarist I just cant help but find myself totally fucking shred whipped by him. And he's got all that LAWNG BEAUTIFUL HAIYUH to boot? Just stop already. So welcome to my roster of all time favorite bands, Radio Moscow. And dear Parker Griggs, enjoy your status as crush du jour and celebrated Lockscreen Loverboy.


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