Sunday, May 4, 2014

APF Live! Night Bloggin' With Brian Jonestown Massacre


There they are! The other night when we were interviewing Kadavar I thought home boy said "brunch" when he was starting to say Brian Jonestown Massacre, so then I kept asking him about brunch because I was wasted and hungry. 

Man, how many people are in this fucking band? I feel like I got suckered into seeing Noot d' Noot again. Oh except BJM sounds good. They got horns and keys ahoy. I have a couple of their CD's but I don't remember all this rich instrumentation. But the bummer is they keep asking the sound guy to tweak shit and now there's a big feedback mess. Anyway, that's annoying, but we got a sweet spot on the back of the VIP deck thing and the sound is great here, as well as the view. Except when I'm night blogging!

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