Sunday, May 4, 2014

APF Live! Sleeeeeeepy Sun and Earthless

I think I might have caught a cold from my baby before I left home, either that or I'm just a snotty mess from all this damn dust! But in any case after that giant brunch I passed out all afternoon. I feel so bad! Sorry iwishuwould!

But we just got done listening to Sleepy Sun, a big Kevs favorite for a long time now. Man they didn't help me with my drowsiness much. Their jams were long and sludgy. There was some good sludge in there, for sure. Weather is amazing, btw. Oh and we got the pleasure of watching some freak in medieval pelt garb dancin with hisself. Good times. 

But now, finally, what I've been waiting to see - Earthless!

We rolled up in here about 30 minutes ago and they're still on the same guitar solo. And it fucking rules! They are so wild and free. This is what Emerson was talking about. It is some wicked, paint peeling guitar up in here, and so much fuzz, and manic drumming.  Yessssss

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