Thursday, May 22, 2014

Counterpoint: PTL for Jack White

It's been a good day.  Usually the earworms infesting my brain are just horrible, like they were yesterday, but today everything has been set to this new tune from Jack White.  This business meeting, for example, was set to "Lazaretto."  In my brain.  Nice.

And SRSLY, thank sweet baby Jesus.  You know why?  Because I saw this stupid fucking meme on facebook yesterday:

And so OF COURSE this stupid song had to be stuck in my head all day and all night.  I had forgotten about this song, actually.  But yeah, it existed.

At least YouTube has a killer live studio version of this song.  There's so few of those for the antiquated gems such as these.

Knock knock!  What do Jack White and Kenny Rogers have in common?  Earworms ahoy.

(And PS, in case you don't know what PTL refers to, here.  I would hate for any reader to feel excluded from the lexicon.)

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