Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dammit Woods!

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Nice, huh?

OK, Woods is a band that opened for Dungen in 2009, which is really the only reason I knew about them ever.  I bought their 2009 album "Songs of Shame," which is such a great name for an album btw, but I wound up not really liking it very much.  And srsly, can you blame me?  Pause the above now and listen to this shit for a second.

INORITE?  You can hardly believe it's the same band.  Neither can I.  Lead singer Jeremy Earl's voice sounds like some whiny castrato, and frankly, it sounds like they are all just barely learning to play their instruments.  Which I actually love to hear from new bands sometimes, but this was their fourth album.  Also, as an aside, this video sucks and it reminds me of when Dawg sent me that article on Katherine Knight.  Wait!  Are they Australian?  Oh no, nevermind, they're from Brooklyn.

OK, resume playing the first song now.  It's all going to be alright.

Oh, I mean it's going to be alright for everyone except me.  Why?  Because I had no idea that they are incredible now, and not only did I miss them playing at Austin Psych Fest, but I also missed them playing here in Atlanta at Masquerade on 4/29.

(BTW, what's up with the awesome bands suddenly playing Purgatory? That used to be the shit hole bar for local bands to play for drunks while the awesome bands drowned them out.)

Goddammit Woods!  Why did you have to go and get all awesome suddenly and not tell me about it beforehand?  Now who knows when they will be back here.  I am loving almost every song on their new release "With Light and Love," which came out on tax day.  They have mastered their instruments and the vocal production sounds superb.  I love the hit single (above) because it sounds like one of those Important Songs because it talk about Us, and because it has a great kum-ba-ya hippie vibe to it.  Great, great melody also.

I also am loving the title tune because it is 9 minutes long, rambles all over the damn place, and has some great solo work.

Unfortunately, they look kind of unfortunate.  Here goes Woods:

But whatever, man.  Their album art is cool and their music RAWKS.  So pleased to hear them mature into something really worth listening to.  But dammit!  When will they be back in Atlanta?  They seem to play here all the time, but now that I love them I bet they will never be back.  DAMMIT.

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