Sunday, May 4, 2014

Austin Pysch Fest: day número dos!!

Day two! 

as if there was not enough facemeltage Friday, we went back for more on Saturday! A quick google search indicated the best pizza in the city was to be found on South Congress (which i am assuming is the hipster district) at Home Slice Pizza.  so we went there to get fortified for the night.

we got some garlic knots and a pizza margherita (my favorite!) as well as a few beers. Everything was delicious and our bartender looked like Mattias, of Dungen (bonus!). 

lots of fun murals and public art shit in this area of town (to be fair we have only seen a teeny lil sliver of the actual city, as we have been huffing dust all weekend out at that ranch)

back at the ranch for more rawkin!

we arrived to hear Temples on the main stage. this was a band i was not previously familiar with, but area.personality has been hearing the on satelitte radio for a while. i did enjoy their set, although i would say it is more mellow than what im typically into. They were quite cute, but they looked young as hell!! and i dunno if it was just their englishness, or the heat, but they seemed awfully sour during soundcheck. it was a good lil set tho! here they go:

after temples we had planned to wander over to the stage by the river to catch dead meadow. evidently so did everyone else! it was a mass exodus in that direction and its a cool stage with an amphitheater down by the river but seating is limited i would say. so i said fuck it, lets wander over here and scope Medcine in the other tent for just a second, see whats in these art tents, and then go struggle over there. and lo and behold: A BLACKLIGHT TENT!!! 

on my recent trip to amsterdam i was disappointed to learn that the blacklight museum I had planned on visiting was closed on mondays :-( but here was a lil tent o' blacklight to make up for it! nice!

next up we finally made our way over for dead meadow. we had recently seen them play in atlanta at 529 (no review for that yet either, what can ya do) so i would say we did not feel super presured to go over there. and it sure was crowded, but we found us a lil patch of ground and spread out our blanket and let the sound wash over us. we were way far from the stage and it was quite dark over there, so i didnt get any photos of dead meadow, but its fiiiine. the crowd really enjoyed their set and so did I. 

Up next that we wanted to see was Acid Mothers Temple, from Japan. we had a few minutes before they went on so we took a stroll up to hear part of Unkown Mortal Orchestra (the crowd was really feelin it for them! i recognized one song they played, otherwise I am completely unfamiliar with them)  after a quick tour of the festival grounds we went back down to the river for acid mothers temple. I have been hearing about them for many years, I feel like they tour constantly. when you try to read about them on Wikipedia you leave with more questions than answers. they are a band that is more of a collective, and they have constant lineup changes and even many different names under the AMT umbrella. they do a lot of great long jams, building and swirling and screetching and all around wailing. they had less of a crowd than dead meadow, but at the same amphitheater down by the river, so we got slightly closer for their set and i took this lil snap:

the weather at this point was perfect: cool and breezy down by the river. They had these kickass lights going on for this stage- some twinkling projected up into the trees which gave off a firefly effect, as well as this swirling kaleidoscope light projections onto the woods across the river- it looked like some crazy paisley swirl what with the trees blowing in the breeze, and it was reflected on the surface of the water, and was just really fun to watch. they festival organizers really have done a wonderful job with this thing- aside from all the great various light decor and the vendors and food trucks, its just really well organized and its just small enough to not be a pain in the ass to navigate. here is the best photo i could possibly take of the light effect during acid mothers temple:

at the end of their set they did a shameless merch plug, which i can totally appreciate. before they went on we had seen them around a little merch table all by themselves, and he mentioned that they sell all of their merch "from their hand". right awn.

after acid mothers temple we wandered back up to the main stage to check out the horrors and brian jonestown massacre. again two bands i am unfamiliar with. Although i have read a little bit about BJM recently and i knew they are from the 90s, i still was totally unfamiliar with their music. the horrors were still playing when we went up there and i honestly kinda liked their set better. they were def more hard rockin and had some good guitar action going on. BJM was more folky or mellow than i like, but im glad we got to see all these bands that are new (for me). the stage was lookin all cool tho, so i snapped some quick fotos of them and here they go:

this is the view of that stage from the lil platform thing (which is awesome! its a great vantage point of the main stage) but its worth sharing so you can see how many people are there for the main shows! this festival is srsly great becuase its not too big, yet there are plenty of people here. i havent seen any bad festival behavior here yet (no drunks, no people way out in outerspace on drugs, no bitches with flower crowns), its pretty cool that looks like everyone here is srsly just stoked about the music. i cant ait to head back again tonight for one more round of rawkin!!!

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