Thursday, May 22, 2014

earwurm du jour: werk version

I werk at a children's hospital and we get a lot of insane child names up in here sometimes. In particular I work in a unit where we have "frequent flyers" or children who return for therapy again and again. Some of them have names that just trigger my internal radio to start playing certain songs. It doesn't necessarily have to be the name of a song although that happens. It is often a rhyming name, or sometimes even a drug name with a particular cadence that matches a melody of a song.

Today our patient Deandre came up. I always instantly hear this song when I see his name. Instantly. 

dont ever let it a child named Layla pass thru my queue, or I will instantly hear this riff, and be losing my motherfucking mind by the end of the day. 

and the cadence of the drug Amlodipine perfectly matches this shit. Thankfully I now see this drug so often that the madness has stopped, somewhat...

finally a coworker named Frank inevitably summons this song onto internal radio (thank god he is only working like every other weekend or I might go insane)

There are loads of other workplace song association examples I could present to you here, but I'd rather test the waters and see exactly how crazy I appear after this. Does this happen to other people? Surely it must, but to this degree? Worse? How do you cope with it? I mean I always have some lil jam rattlin around in there, but the ability of certain names/drugs to conjure is noteworthy. But as far as earworms go you could do worse than fucking L7

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