Sunday, May 11, 2014

no jet lag? well what now?: jamz du jour

man, so the hostess of one of my fave radio programs is not on tonight! shes been gone for a sec but she had a substitute host/ess while she been gone, but with prescribed playlists for our listening pleasure. but not tonight. and man! i was ready to jam! and thats ordinarily no big deal, but i had left my ipod at home in my other purse, and i have presently played out all my cds in the car. and tapes. yes, i have a tape player in my car and actively listen to tapes.


(behold: tonight's jams du jour):

quicksilver messenger band: fresh air

so i have these...playlists....

back in the day i used tomake mixtapes. like, so many motherfuckin mixtapes.

here they go (well, some of them, the ones i didnt give away):

and then when computers happened real good, i made playlists, but i burned them to CD, (stored them in cd books!) like so:

but anyway.

so basically, the moral of this all is, i had to resort to my youtube playlists ive been cobbling together slowly lately. its just borne of necessity really, and convenience. i think i first started just making these lists of shit i wanna watch again later, like when time permits. and as i shazam shit on my radio shows, i just find them on youtube and stick on them on these nonsensical lists, that in hard times, musically, i have something (semi) new to listen too and love. its like prescreened jams. like as in i heard it once and thought enough of it to tag it (generally drunkenly) and add to some playlist somehow. and ive enjoyed them again and again on many occasions, that were musically times of need. like at our sleazestaxx rehearsal in the mountains, after we were all over practicing and drunk, and needed jams, but had only some wee speakers to hijack, i just popped these on and i realized these will work . 

suck (from the righteously named album "Time to Suck"): (a cover of donovan's) season of the witch

i know many of these i heard on radio programs that i like on wras 88.5, and it makes me sad about all the drama going on with them and the university right now. i have much more to say about that, but thats another topic, for another time....

so forgive me for kind of making a playlist/mixtape of songs i heard elsewhere, but, really, thats how you hear anything, yes? through others, right? well anyhow, through the magic of youtube.....

 ...i got really stoked on this other youtube channel: this dude richaftersabbath posts all this great sort of obscure heavy rock shit and i just dig it! i dunno how i found his channel first- perhaps from that Fat album I go tin the redneck riveiera? like i think i googled that album to listen to it (after i had bought it just to be able to hear it on my phone or some shit) and he had posted it. so i looked at all the other shit he puts up and its great. plus he does all these other playlists and shit and its great!

so perhaps the mixtape is not dead, just... transformed? modified? evolved.....

jpt scare band: sleeping sickness

i got a guitar lesson from Isaiah from Earthless for xmas from my amiga buena, Teresa! he taught me the basics to three songs and this stooges song is one of them. and its really cool actually because a few weeks ago, when the drummer of the stooges passed away, a blog I like to read a lot, the Obelisk, featured this album as his "Monday full-length" (thats what she said), and i really, really dug this album. i played it like a bunch of times again and again, so its timely and fun to learn it. and easy. most importantly kinda easy...

the stooges: i wanna be your dog

i dunno, i feel like just sharing some jamz du jour tonight. i got an bunch of other stuff to RawkTalk about, but its so much to synthesize, and regurgitate, and whatnot, and i really just wanted to jam. i feel real bent out of shape about the shit with the radio station, and i got a lot to say about it. but another day. i also want to finish telling you all about pysch fest- the last day was great! i never felt tired there, and i really, REALLY never wanted to come back home. well not back to work ever, thats for sure. i could psych fest for the rest of my life.

and theres that highly anticipated Kadavar show at the masquerade like a month ago, with the totally mortifying, botched interview.i couldnt eat for like two days after that. thats a tough blog to write. but the show was killer, and i really dug Mothership, the tour partners. i really wanna RawkTalk all about it, but gimme some time, yall. lets just jam tonight,

 christopher: dark road

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